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Our pest videos

A lucky possum takes off like lighting.

Catching possums is often the result of these furry friends stomping on someones roof, destroying rose gardens and for communicating with each other with the WORST screeching sound.

Possum catching one main danger which comes from the claws. Claws of possums are long and very sharp, which supports the possums to sprint up trees and along your roof.Click this link to view a recent possum job.

An article last year on possum meat for human consumption was on the internet, would you eat possum? Check the article out here

Bee Control

Bee control solutions

Solutions for bee swarms is a service we provide. Swarms of bees need to be respected and if you’re not suited up you will get bee stings.

Bee Stings, have you been stung or want more information on stings and things? View the information on this government website  .When bee’s are hanging around your back door or near the BBQ give us a call. Rely on our professional service and get results! Two big bee hives inside the wall cavity.

Home Pest Control

Happy Puppies

Particular needs of our clients vary, our experienced team never fails to get the job done right. In this video it highlights the diversity of ‘pests’ that we come across. These puppies just wanted a belly rub which we were happy to provide. Who doesn’t love a puppy!

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Bee Control outside

Bee control for roof bees

People’ roofs can be a tough spot for bee control,  bees can be tricky as shown in this video Click this link to see.  All bee jobs are different and we make adjustments  in order to accommodate every hive, sometimes we need to perform some handy work to get access to the hive.  

Wasp Control

Wasp control

A wasp nest in a roof, click the link to view.

Every job is different and we make adjustments  in order to accommodate every wasp hive. Nothing is too much for us to handle, or too small. Wasp control is another pest often found in roofs, in your garden, in a tree or even in your car. We have the wasp products to handle all jobs.

Possum control is Our latest job

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