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Ant Control

Ant control-We are the masters.

 How to control ants is our second most request after spider control. To make a booking with us click here
Are we the ant exterminator, do we do ant fumigation? We are asked everyday! Ant infestations or the small black ants that invade our homes are a real pest. How to get rid of ants, particularly the little black house ant, often needs an ant barrier to control ants around your home. There are many species of ants, black ants, brown ants and sizes! All ants have various nest location and also different food preferences, meaning some like sweet things and some tend to prefer meats and fats.

Our ant treatments will control ants inside and outside the home, especially around pet food and BBQ areas, not to forget ants in the kitchen and ants in the bathroom. The best way to kill house ants is with quality pest control products whilst using correct techniques to achieve ant colony control. Often clients want ant fumigation to all areas, but with any ant control in the home, we always assess, evaluate and advise.

Ants live in colonies ranging in number from a few dozen to many thousand. Ant nests can be found almost anywhere – we have carried out ant treatments with ants being in the wall and ceiling, garden soil, shrubs and bushes and along concrete edging, mostly seen around clothes lines and pavements. 

Ant solutions and how to get rid of ants?

Every ant job is different, but all ant control jobs use the same method-find and destroy. Sounds horrible we know, but who wants a thousands ants over for dinner or having ants in the pantry. Platinum pest control has several techniques to control and stop ants. Controlling ants can be as easy as moving the dog food away from the house and especially the recycling bin. The sugar build up in recycle bins is just the reason ants need to come over. Using ant sprays outside will give you the next line of defence with ants and if ants inside the house or kitchen, we have a great range of ant gels, that are safe to use, available. Either way, if you have ants inside or ants outisde, we totally have a solution for you.

The internet is full of ‘advice’ on how to stop ants and we found this video and we think it should be titled ‘how NOT to stop ants’.

Enjoy hahaha

P.S The washing of  the recyclables is the only good idea 🙂

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