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Rat Pest Control

Rat Control and what to do about mice

Three blind mice, see how they run.

Rat control and mice control is more important than any other pest we service, (except wasp control).

Why? rats and mice cause so much damage and they are prolific breeders, plus they keep you up at night when roof rats are running around-not cool at all! 

Rat control and mice control stops food from being spoiled and stops the kids and the wife from freaking out!

It sounds evil but we do rat extermination very well,  how to kill rats and mice is achieved with a managed rodent control package.

This stops the breeding cycle of rodents, which in turn reduces your risk of rats gnawing their teeth on your property.

Rodents can cause alot of electrical damage costing you thousands.

Rats chew through electrical wires, heater units and we have even seen car motors nearly destroyed as rats chewed on cables to keep their teeth small.

More importantly did you know rat teeth never stop growing, hence the gnawing to keep them in check.

Rat stations with the correct rodent bait will give the rats and mice something tasty to gnaw on.

Check this link out for more information

Got mice in the roof, rats in the shed or you just want to make sure you never see the four legged furry pest, call the mice exterminator experts, that’s us!  

Rat tactics, there are a million ways to stop the rats.  Watch this youtube clip, it will give you some old school tips.

However if you are after some total, fast solutions, Platinum Pest Control have the latest and greatest baits, supplied by Bayer.

Bayer is a billion dollar company who makes the baits that really work.  Drop us an email for a booking, our link is here.

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