Rodent Control:

Rodent pest control is a job we do very well. We bait with the latest products to ensure great and lastings results. Our rodent pest control work speaks volumes. So if you have mice in the roof, a rat in the shed, a rogue rat problem in your house, or you just want to make sure you never see the four legged pest, and prefer rodent control with zero fuss, call the mice exterminator experts.  

It sounds evil but we do rat extermination very well, killing rats and mice is achieved with a managed rodent control package, which stops the breeding cycle of rodents, which reduces your risk of rats gnawing their teeth on your property. Rats chew through electrical wires, heater units and even car motors. Rats chew on cables to keep their teeth small. Rat teeth never stop growing, hence the gnawing to keep them in check. Rat stations with rodent baits always get results.