Spider control should always start with a dead spider- a dead spider is a good spider.

Everyone wants spider control in their life! No human wants to share their bed with a white tip spider!

New customers want to know one of a few things, ‘how to get rid of white tip spiders and hilariously, will you burn our house down if you can’t stop them.

Spiders are just hairy and scary and leave unsightly cobwebs all over your home.

Different spider species are poisonous but not all and some can inflict pain, cause vomiting, nausea or ulcerated skin.

Stopping spiders very easily, if you are game! Check out the youtube video. This video is actually very fascinating as many people have these wasp nest around their homes-if only you knew what was inside.

To maintain spider control, if you see mud in between your brickwork, use the end of your broom or something blunt and simply scrap them out