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Pest control Launceston

At Platinum Pest Control, we have been offering pest control services in Launceston and Northern tasmania since 2008.

Don’t be shy, we are always here to help, if you need a pest control quote for a general house pest control service, we can give you a quote without any obligation. We often get called the exterminator or the terminator, as our pest treatment results are so good.  We always comment that pest control services are easy when you have the right tools and a great attitude, evidently our pest control business prides itself on excellence-every time.

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Not sure what insect or bug is annoying you, click here to see the critters we take care of.

If you want to know or see what our industry leaders (they are the big guys) are doing and choose, click here. There is some excellent information here.

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Pest control Launceston is a service we’d love to help with! Don’t hesitate to contact Platinum Pest Control today.
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