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Launceston Pest Control Specialist.

Creating a pest control service that satisfies our customers each and every contact. Need a safe, efficient, personalized service using environmentally safe techniques to provide you with effective pest control that’s affordable?

Ranging from ants and mice and bees, a pest-free home is as close as your phone, we have the right pest control service for you

Launceston pest control

Launceston pest control

Launceston pest control
Launceston pest control

Experts in local pest control

Welcome! Hence, the team at Platinum Pest control have been offering Launceston pest control services since 2008. We are a team that provides a mixture of pest control services to cover whatever your needs are. whenever and whenever you need an end of lease pest control spray, or maybe your home, work shed or office pest sprayed, we use only environmentally friendly pest control products to make sure the job gets done.

We are servicing Northern Tasmania so we will travel anywhere you need us to! Above all what ever type of spraying you choose, spraying can be outside spider spray or inside pest control only. As a result every home and every client is different, whatever you need #WE_LISTEN.

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How do we ‘do’ pest control?

Since pest spraying is our prime pest control method and we adapt to whatever pest challenge you have on your hands. now there are several methods to approach pest control with, our techniques are second to non and you can trust that you are getting the best. Apart from our famous spider spraying techniques, we also are experts at setting up and laying rodent bait stations-which are for mice and rat control.

In conclusion the clients we service for rodent control are rapt that once we ‘do our thing’ that the rodents don’t hang around for long, and for good reason, the quicker our bait products work, the less mess the mice and rats can cause-especially if they are chewing peoples electrical cables.


Pest Control Launceston-We know how to stop the spiders

Because Happiness is knowing our team of legends are highly trained and qualified to meet all your needs, dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to our client’s unique preferences and situation. in the meantime relax and be rest assured that the information our pest technician offers you is of EXCELLENT QUALITY. Not just in their professional pest control opinion but also in the products they choose to use, we are called Platinum Pest Control because we really are the best and we notably achieve this with our great team and great range of pest control products.

So don’t be shy, we are always here to help, do you need a pest control quote for general house pest control we can give you a quote without any obligation. Often we get called the exterminator or aka the terminator, as our pest treatment results are so good. Providing  pest control services that are easy to provide when you have the right tools and a great attitude; in short our pest control business prides itself on excellence-every time!

We always say pest control services are easy to provide when you have the right tools and a great attitude; our pest control business prides itself on excellence-every time! We will always bring laughter and a dash of humour with total accountability when we arrive to your home. 

Launceston pest control


Wasp Control

When spraying chemicals in your home, experience counts.

For great pest control Launceston, knowing where to apply pest control products is a skill we have fine tuned after having  serviced over 10,000 homes under our belt, and this is why using our pest control service is better than using do it yourself products-we REALLY know what we are doing. Since the pest control products we use on site break down in the environment over time, meaning they do not build up in your home. Dust, dirt, heavy rain and sunlight are the environmental factors that break the product down, so the once a year top up spray  is how we keep on top of the spiders, scorpions and other household pests. Our clients get best results with a once a year house treatment.

in case you’re looking for a quality pest control business in Launceston, choose us! given these points what separates us from the rest- we are the professionals, you can trust that we will spray with the utmost respect to your property and our business survives on repeat, long lasting relationships.

After 11 years in business we still retain 85% of our clients-how many pest controllers can claim that! Trust, accountability and respect is what you can count on when using our team.

One of the best thing we offer our clients is our excellent guarantee-that is if you have ANY pest problems, after we have carried out our magic, call us and we will be straight back. Not only do we guarantee your happiness, we will return at no cost, until you are totally satisfied, how great is that! To sum up It is our ‘Grandma Guarantee”, meaning we will service your home as if we are servicing our grandmothers home-Granny isn’t happy, nobody’s happy. 


Pest Control Service Specialists
Platinum Pest Control has been associated with a high level of pest control quality and professionalism since 2008. Largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the Launceston community. Whether it is house fumigation, pest control spraying, spider control or rodent control, we continuously improve the personalized services we provide as we deliver the results that you seek.


Business owner and all round legend.
Office Ninja who doubles as Wonder Woman.
Champion Bug Sprayer
Snake Charmer & red back tamer…also known to tackle a drop bear or two!


Because we provide a consistent and trustworthy pest control service operator for Launceston pest control since 2008 is Platinum Pest control. in conclusion we are probably the best team available as they are committed to providing pest control services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to our client’s needs. now click here to for  booking online, we do it with a smile!

Bee control launceston

We are the masters of Ant control, How to control ants are our second most request after spider control. Are we the ant exterminator, do we do ant fumigation? We are asked every day!How to get rid of ants


Australians are generally risk takers and love having a go at things themselves, but when it comes to pest control for wasp, we highly advise you not to. We know Wasp control looks easy and often we hear “I thought I could do that’ but people often attempt wasp nest removal themselves only to end up in the hospital with dozens of wasp stings.


Domestic pest control sees us do all sorts of jobs, and bee control is one other pest control service we love to offer. We know Bee control is a tough gig as we don’t like killing bees, but bee control is necessary when bees become a pest.But how are bees pests we are often asked, Bees become pest when they set up bee hives inside peoples homes and roofs,


With a slick black body and smooth shape, the seemingly simple and ordinary American Oil Beetle looks deceptively harmless. Beetles have well-developed antennae and chewing mouthparts, as well as shell-like front wings are known as elytra.

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Pest Control Specialist!

Pest control Launceston is a service we’d love to help with! Don’t hesitate to contact Platinum Pest Control today.

You will receive a reply within a day and sometimes even within hours. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Launceston Pest Control Specialist.

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